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The origin of this house's name is probably pretty obvious. After renovating Itty Bitty a year (and two houses) prior, we took on a new project of even more miniscule proportions. This charming log cabin comes in at just under 700 square feet, but packs a real punch, with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a full kitchen, dining area, living room, and over 400 additional square feet of porches!


The interior walls of the cabin previously stopped at eight feet in height. This awkward situation was remedied, along with a complete overhaul of the interior. Here you can see the refreshed living room and dining area. "Small but practical" was the key to making this house work.

The kitchen used to have apartment-sized appliances and particleboard cabinetry. By raising the height of the kitchen window, we were able to wrap the kitchen around the corner to create an L-shape which allowed just enough room for full-sized appliances and a decent amount of storage.


The original bathroom contained a green jetted tub that was so big it probably constituted 10% of the house's square footage. By shrinking the bathroom's oversized footprint, the house feels much more spacious in the hallway area leading to the bedrooms. 

The primary bedroom was modified by removing two small closets flanking the rear window. In place of those, a new, larger closet was added across the room. This allowed for a king-size bed to fit nicely.


The secondary bedroom, which previously fit nothing more than a futon, now nicely contains a queen-size bed. And, of course, the walls go all the way to the ceiling.

The screened porch is perfect for a private view of the mountainside. This space was refreshed with a new ceiling fan, furniture, rug, lighting, and paint.


The front door is a welcoming scene with a new paint color, potted evergreen shrubs, a new light, and views of the mountains as you step inside.

The rocking chair front porch provides a nice spot to enjoy the ridgeline views and the large, quiet property.

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