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Hammer & Key Homes was officially founded in 2023, but we've been doing this long before that. We're Jeff Burch and Jeff Conkle and we renovated our first house back in 2016. After several in Atlanta, we moved on to mountain homes in Big Canoe, Georgia.

You might be wondering why our logo isn't a hammer and a key. After all, this is a renovation and home company. Well, the bird is a yellowhammer and she's sitting inside of a keystone. The name is actually a play on the nicknames of our home states. Jeff B. hails from Alabama, the Yellowhammer State, while Jeff C. is from Pennsylvania, the Keystone State. Through a little creative licensing, we shortened Yellowhammer & Keystone into Hammer & Key. Sounds right for this kind of business, doesn't it? 


You might confuse our names, but we have distinct talents.


Jeff B. is the numbers guy, the spreadsheet guy, and the all-around logistics guy of Hammer & Key. If there's a phone call to be made, a contractor to be hired, or a real estate deal to close, he's on it. 

Jeff C. is the generator of initial renovation ideas, the (sometimes) human power behind the hammer, the space planner, and the buyer for the items you see in our renovation projects. 

Together, we make final design decisions and bring the Hammer & Key aesthetic to life.


Jeff R Burch



Jeff Conkle


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